Chiropractic Adjustment

Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential part to your pre-natal care options. The rapid growth of the baby and a change to your body’s normal structural adaptations to that growth, results in a large percent of pregnant women experiencing back pain/discomfort during their pregnancy.

Pre-existing unnoticed imbalances in your spine and pelvis become overtaxed during these times. The added stresses lead to discomfort and difficulty while performing routine, daily activities. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. Specific adjustments eliminate these stresses in your spine, restore balance to your pelvis & result in greater comfort & lifestyle improvements. This can in turn create an environment for an easier safer delivery.

What is the Webster’s Technique?

A chiropractic adjustment called the Webster technique is a specific sacral adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, reduces torsion to the uterus. This may offer a greater potential for optimal fetal positioning. - Dr. Jeanne Ohm, world renowned authority on chiropractic and natural birth.

Originally used for breech presentations and then posterior presentations, current research is revealing the benefits of receiving the Webster technique throughout pregnancy for the prevention of obstructed labour also know as dystocia.

Reasons to see a chiropractor during pregnancy

  • Back Pain Relief
  • Ease Pregnancy Symptoms (hip pain, sciatica, heartburn, rib pains)
  • Better Positioning for Baby
  • Better Labour and Birth
  • Faster Recovery from Birth

Dr Andrew Erjavec has over 16 years in practice and continuing education focusing on spinal care for pregnant women, from 1st trimester to post natal care.  He is also certified in The Webster's Technique.