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How Can a Chiropractic Water Pillow Help with Neck Pain

July 25th, 2020


Chiropractic water pillows are water-based pillows that provide a luxurious comfort while sleeping, and also provide great support for the head and neck – these pillows have been proven to have some great benefits for those suffering from neck pain and other upper body pains and stiffness. They are designed with a thick, hypoallergenic cushion that sits overtop of a base of water. The water component of the pillow is simple to fill up and can be adjusted based on individual needs.

Clinical trails have shown that water pillows can reduce neck pain and significantly improve quality of sleep. One great advantage of these pillows is that they can be customized to fit each individual body by changing the amount of water in the pillow – this adjusts the thickness of the pillow to accommodate the needs of each sleeper. Also, because the main support of the pillow is water, it can adapt and adjust throughout the night to properly cradle the head and neck as the sleeper rolls over and changes positions in the night.

The chiropractic water pillows typically come with a five-quart water capacity for the base, and changing the amount of water will customize the pillow’s feel and firmness. In some cases, clinical studies have been done that have shown great success in reducing neck pain by providing proper cervical support.

For people who wake up with a stiff neck, or who experience neck pain throughout the day, it may be worthwhile to try a chiropractic water pillow adjusted properly to their body. The water based pillows are both luxuriously comfortable, and therapeutic in helping with neck and other upper body pains associated with improper sleeping habits.