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ICBC Chiropractic Treatment - What You Should Know

January 23rd, 2020


ICBC has a range of recovery programs to help people who have been in a motor vehicle accident to get better as quickly as possible, including chiropractic treatment plans. ICBC’s health care partners will customize treatment plans to help maximize recovery time.


In many cases, ICBC’s health care partners provide direct payment options, meaning that you do not necessarily have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later. All that needs to be done is provide your claim number to the chiropractor office so that they can confirm you are covered for treatment.


If you elect to see a chiropractor who is not a part of ICBC’s program, there may be additional costs not covered by ICBC. To find a registered practitioner, check out the BC Chiropractic Association.


Using a registered ICBC chiropractic provider means that for any resultant chiropractic treatment, no fees will be charged when using a valid claim number (even if you are at fault for the accident). The office of a chiropractor participating in ICBC’s program can bill ICBC directly on your behalf. No medical referral is needed for your visit.


Initial visits will include a detailed history of the motor vehicle accident, and a thorough physical exam. Additionally, the chiropractor will explain the condition and will do any necessary treatments for you. In some cases, a chiropractor may refer you to an alternative health care provider for additional therapies.


Many benefits can be seen from seeing a chiropractor after being in a motor vehicle accident. These benefits include:


  • Faster recovery time;
  • No medical doctor referral needed;
  • No out of pocket payments;
  • No ongoing approval processes with ICBC;
  • Minimal paperwork;
  • Immediate treatment; and
  • Proven results.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you may benefit from seeing an ICBC chiropractor – make sure to have your claim number handy.