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Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

July 25th, 2020

Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampolines are a very popular item to have in a backyard, however they can be a potiental risk for serious injuries.  Please bare in mind these safety tips and make sure you go over them with the rest of your family the next time you decide to have a backyard gathering. 

1. “Two Foot Rule” always land with two feet  at the same time. Landing with one foot on the frame and one foot on the bed can result in injury to the knees.
2. No more than one person bouncing at one time. More than one person bouncing at one time almost always results in bumping heads.
3. No knee drops—Knee drops performed improperly may result in injury to your low back and neck caused from underdeveloped core strength and control.
4. Don’t attempt skills you are unsure of and not properly trained in. Be good to your body by warming up and stretching after bouncing.
5. Always bounce in the center of the trampoline. No traveling! Don’t bounce from one end to the other. Never jump off the trampoline. Always climb off.
6. Always spot the end of the frame when bouncing and working on twisting skills.         7. Always come to a “Stop Bounce” after each skill or series of skills, or whenever you deviate from the centre of the trampoline.                                                                         8. Do not allow your trampoline to be used without shock-absorbing pads that completely cover the springs, hooks and frame.                                                                                  9. Do not leave children unsupervised on the trampoline.                                                10. Always have fun!

Following these simple basic rules and you will reduce the risk for neck and back injuries significantly.

- Dr. Andrew Erjavec

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